Aquaponic Table: Construction

Tools Needed:
-Drill Bit for screws
-1/2 inch Wrench

How to Dissemble:

There are two different purposes for dissembling this table. The first would be to transport it to a different location and the second would be for storage. This guide will go through the steps in which one must take to transport the table to a new location. Transportation will require a lot less steps and therefore be much easier for whoever needs transportation accomplished.

Step one: Removing PVC

The first step is to remove the PVC cage surrounding the table. In order to do this you will first need to remove any lights that may be hanging on the PVC. The top square of the PVC is cemented together so it can be removed as a whole piece.

After taking the top off there will be four pieces of PVC left that you can just yank out with your hands. They should be easily removed.

Step Two: Removing Troughs

The next step is to drain the water from the two troughs sitting on top of the table and set them aside to be moved to the new location. You can drain one of a few ways: pump the water out or just lift it up and drain it using drains already installed in the troughs.

Step Three: Reverse Screws

Now all that should be left is the table. Take your drill and set it on reverse and unscrew all the screws on the two pieces of plywood. The plywood make up the tabletop and are what the troughs where resting on. Make sure you save all the screws so you can put the table back together at the new location.

Step Four: Removing “Long” Pieces

This is the final step if your goal is just transportation. We will remove the “Long” pieces in the diagram above and then the table will be split into four parts, the two short sides with the side rails and then the two long pieces.

To detach the long pieces you will need to use the wrench because they are bolted to the shorter sections. After taking off the long pieces this is what you should have:
external image clip_clip_image002.jpg
Step Five: Transporting!

At this point the pieces should be manageable enough that you can move them to wherever you want to assemble the table.

Step Six: Assembly

To put the table back together all you will need to do is reverse the steps.
1) Put the long pieces back onto the short frames.
2) Screw the plywood tabletop back on.
3) Put in PVC height and then top frame.