After hours of consulting with Mr. C. I now have a more finalized version of what I will be doing in the coming months...

Research Question:
How does the history and evolution of this science (aquaponics) positively affect the world.

My fieldwork will include me going to Michigan for a week to create a blueprint for my project. I will be building two aquaponic systems to help demonstrate two things. 1) How it works. and 2) How it can be used. After successfully building the systems I will write a class curriculum which will act more like a unit curriculum that can be incorporated into science classes at north like biology and greengineering.

Sample Email: (sent to aquaponic contacts)


My name is Spencer Dixon and I am a student at Newton North High School in Newton, Massachusetts. I am currently enrolled in a course called Senior Year Project. This class allows students to embark on a project that they are passionate about. We take time off school at the end of our senior year to do fieldwork and write a research paper on our topic.

For my project I will be building two aquaponic systems for my school and writing a class curriculum. Hopefully it can be intertwined into the Biology courses to help teach students about aquaponics. I am in search of experts in the field of aquaponics who can provide me with some assistance, possibly answer a few questions or point me into the right direction in finding credible aquaponic sources. I am searching for people, journals, books, articles, videos, or anything that goes into depth about the science.

I already have a basic knowledge of the science because my father and I have an aquaponic business, Great Lakes Aquaponics, I am looking to take it one step further to become qualified to write a curriculum to teach students. Thank you for your time and if you have any advice, are willing to help me, or even point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated.

Spencer Dixon

P.S. If you would like to find out more about my Senior Year Project or some of the other SYP Scholars visit this link:\

Interview Questions:

1) How long have you been in the aquaponic industry?
2) Why/How did you get involved with aquaponics?
3) Do you think aquaponics will eventually become the primary form of agriculture?
4) What do you think the future of aquaponics will bring?
5) What are your views on incorporating earthworm research into aquaponics? Do you think eliminating the need for fish meal or oil in fish feed could change aquaponics as we know it?
6) Are there any aspects of aquaponics you are researching currently? If so, what are your hypotheses?
7) Do you think aquaponics should be incorporated into the classrooms? If so, what parts of it do you think should be taught?
8) If you had any advice for someone entering the aquaponic industry what would it be?
9) Do you believe it is more important to have aquaculture knowledge or hydroponic/botany knowledge to excel in aquaponics?