Here is a general outline:


-Introduction and thesis paragraph
-(possibility) paragraph explaining overview of paper

History of Aquaponics

-Issues with conventional farming
-Ancient roots, where it originated from
-Present roots, becoming popular for present day uses.

Description of what Aquaponics is

-Explain self sustained eco system
-Importance of all three elements.

Aquaponics in the world today

-Name leading researchers in the science
-Discuss what these researchers are finding and why they got involved
-Include why hydroponic should be converted to aquaponics.

Integrating Aquaponics into the classroom

-Describe the sciences it teaches
-Teaching becomes hands on
-Importance of future generations knowing aquaponics. Examples of places starting aquaponic education
-Some uses that it can bring.

The Benefits of Aquaponics (really start proving thesis here)

-Start proving thesis statement
-Give examples of benefits
-Prove benefits

The Future of Aquaponics

-What is the future of aquaponics going to bring?
-How will the future of aquaponics affect the future of the world
-How to get involved with the future of aquaponics

The Future of Urban Farming

-Talk about great lakes
-Increased food production in the city and its benefits
-Why creating a 100 mile food radius will be important.

-restate thesis
-answer thesis