The topic of my research was aquaponics, the combination of hydroponics and aquaculture. My research question was: how the history and evolution of aquaponics can positively affect our world. Not many people were involved in my research. Interviews were held with aquaponic experts: Dr. Wilson Lennard, Dr. James Rakocy, and Dr. James Dixon. These interviews provided me with evidence of everything I was trying to prove. Through interviews and hours of research in aquaponic journals I was able to conclude many things. Aquaponics can in fact positively affect our world in a few different ways. It can help to reduce oil usage by reducing distance vegetable market produce needs to travel. Additionally as popularity in aquaponics increase, the need for chemical nutrients, which are derived from oil, will decrease thus reducing oil usage. Aquaponics will reduce fresh drinking water consumption levels by being the most efficient use of water for growing vegetables. It has the most efficient use of nutrients out of all forms of agriculture. Finally, it will play a vital role in helping third world countries reach food and water sustainability.

Keywords: Aquaculture, Aquaculturist, Hydroponics, Aquaponics